Sunday, December 11, 2011

1873: Extraordinary phenomenon

The Argus Melbourne, Vic.
Wednesday 12 November 1873

The Campbelltown correspondent of the Invercargill Times describes the following singular phenomenon "A rather extraordinary phenomenon was witnessed here on the evening of the 21st  at about half-past 8.  At first it had the appearance of a lantern suspended in mid air, giving the onlooker the impression that it was a vessel coming into the harbor with a light at the masthead.  It appeared first just at the mouth of the harbour, and after remaining for about five minutes disappeared. In about 10 minutes it returned, further away, and this time of various colours, and after remaining for a few minutes stationary in the air it slowly began to ascend, and then, suddenly burst, as it were, into two streaks of light of all colours, and disappeared.  After this it appeared and disappeared five times in succession, assuming different shapes and colours-sometimes coming as it were off the beach, and at others rising out of the water.  It at last took the appearance of a large blaze of fire on the beach, some distance from where it first appeared, then with great rapidity it was seen to rush across the water in a south easterly direction, and  to disappear."

Finder's Credit: Kay Massingill

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