Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1917: Mystery Aeroplane

Helena (MT) The Helena Independent, October 8, 1917, p.1

Numerous stories have been brought to The Independent about a mysterious airship or aeroplane plying at times south and east of the city.
Sunday morning, Sept. 30, two members of The Independent staff, out hunting, are certain they heard the exhaust of an airship over the top of a hill beyond them.  They were at least three miles from any road where a motorcycle or automobile could be running and making a similar sound.
It must be an aeroplane.
Members of The Independent staff did not see the machine, but the cracking sound was above their heads and slightly over the hill.
The same day people of Lenox reported having actually seen the aeroplane and several from East Helena and the Spokane bench claimed to have actually seen it.
The Independent was informed by a citizen living near the state capitol that he saw and heard a machine circling, low, over Montana's administration building, early one morning several weeks ago.
One Helena woman telephoned a week ago she heard an aeroplane flying over their ranch in the night five miles each [east?] of Helena.
Other Helena people have heard or thought they heard an aeroplane.
The Independent will pay $100 reward to anyone who will locate this aeroplane, learn who owns it and flies it around this part of the country and locate its hangar.
This mystery must be solved.
Are the Germans about to bomb the capital of Montana?  Have they spies in the mountain fastnesses equipped with wireless stations and aeroplanes?  Do our enemies fly around over our high mountains where formerly only the shadow of the eagle swept?
The Independent will pay $100 to find out.
Finder's Credit: Chuck Flood

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