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1919 (pub. February 1947): Objects in the Sky

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), Australia Tuesday 25 February 1947, page 2

Objects In The Sky

To the Editor,

Sir—When the late Sir Ross Smith was covering the last phase of his epic flight from England to Australia, and was scheduled to arrive in Adelaide during the early afternoon, the late Harry Butler left Adelaide in his small monoplane, nicknamed the Red Devil, to meet the big Vickers Vimy over the Adelaide Hills. Being a little ahead of schedule, Harry Butler filled in his time with aerobatics and stunting, most of which occurred over our nurseries situated just S.E. of Mount Lofty. While watching him very intently, two large black objects, travelling at terrific speed in a parallel course, passed very high above him, travelling from north to south. These were quite large and were very high but nevertheless their speed was such as to make Harry Butler's machine appear as if it were stationary. The day was cloudless, and for amoment I thought my eyes were playing tricks, but subsequently my foreman, who was a half a mile away at the time, asked me what the two black things were that passed Butler's machine. During the evening of the same day my father-in-law, who lived about a mile away, asked an identical question. Both these people gave the same description and direction of flight which exactly coincided with my own observations. The speed and density of the objects definitely precluded any possibility of their being a mirage.

H.N. WICKS, Balhannah Nurseries, Balhannah

Finder's credit: Kay Massingill

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