Thursday, November 24, 2011

1946: Martians Visit San Diego

1946 10 19 The Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California)


The silly season which came in with gazelle-boys of the Middle East and gave us an Oppenheim spectacle of Scotland Yard sniffing the precincts for Wally Windsor's jewels, seemingly has "teched" a few heads in San Diego.

While other folks were gazing at meterorities some nights ago, the San Diegans were seeing Martians—a whole silvery shipload of them. The Martians steered their craft through the hurtling shower of stones, paused over the city of siestas and grace, and departed without so much as a word of explanation.

Were their wave-lengths [sic] and had they been delayed? Did they think the worlds series was to be settled next door to the destroyer base, or did they seek to verify reports that beings on earth were given to standing in line and shouting at butchers? And why did they leave so abrubtly?

Maybe they saw in our manifestations of civilization something they could never dare approach - or maybe they were scared plumb stiff.

Come again, Martians, give us the answers, and next time don't overlook Hollywood.

Finder's credit: Chris Aubeck

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