Monday, November 28, 2011

1919: They Were Seeing Things

Gettysburg [Pennsylvania] Times, December 22, 1919


Hanover, Dec. 22. -- A peculiar disturbance of
the sun was noticed by the people of different parts
of town Sunday afternoon [December 21] about 4
o'clock, creating not a little excitement. A rotating
body, much like a pin wheel, nearly covered the
face of the sun, darkening it very much at times.
It was observed to move from one part of the sun
to another, but always with the whirling darkening
effect. The people who saw it, mystified and anxious,
in view of the opposition of the stellar bodies of
December 17, are wondering if that was real;
whether anyone else saw it, and what it was. There
were at least 15 persons who observed the
phenomenon, which continued for 20 minutes.

Finder's Credit: Jerome Clark

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